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Diversified Agriculture

Working towards food security & stable markets with viable crops & Animal husbandry.

Gender & Social Equity

We advocate for policy change through SLDs and Safe Spaces for Learning

ICT Hub Skills Training

We Provide digital hub for computer literacy & access to digital market

About Us

Agriculture for Cash

With initial funding from AFFORD UK, Riana Development Network (RDN) introduced asset ownership program in Magina, western Kenya towards farming, rearing small ruminants and birds by vulnerable families towards better living standards. This later led to is a 2 years UKAID funded project, Creating Decent Employment Opportunities for youth and women (CREDEE) that creates the condition necessary to expand faming opportunities and “pull” partnerships towards market value chains. This is implemented in 4 locations in Magina, Western Kenya, targets most vulnerable populations who are hanging at a risk of absolute poverty.


Households reached

CREDEE program focuses on the qualitative results of the program as the beneficiaries experience them, and being informed as climate change and unpredictable weather patterns increases forcing more families into informal temporary employment. The program’s three interventions seek to build resilience of households and communities though a holistic approach. Together, these targets the accessibility to farm inputs, financial services, climate information, new farming techniques, building market linkages and investments of small farming practices, improved agricultural production, improved gender roles and social support for OVCs, introduction of technology to improve access to agricultural & economic information.

Donation Cause

Recently added donation causes

Raised: $0

Goal: $5,000

Furnishing ICT Hub to bridge technology gap in rural Kenya

Introducing farmers and youth to ICT skills empowers them to navigate additional farming, harvesting and storage techniques and access to global markets as well as savings and investment ideas for better livelihoods.

Raised: $0

Goal: $600,000

Support vulnerable families reach Food Security

Communities in Magina are faced with diminishing harvest due to indigenous seeds and rampant pests. Corteva Agriscience provided samples Pioneer hybrid seeds that are pest resistant, sweet and abundant in yield.

Raised: $0

Goal: $100,000

Cry of hope, help us recover from the effects of Covid-19

We plan to raise 100,000 pounds: this would finance life-saving emergency response activities that would improve general hygiene, and to reduce illness, mortality, malnutrition and introduce new livelihood opportunities.

Working towards supporting underprivileged people

What we do

We help communities improve the quality of their life through

Agricultural Financing

We provide training on new farming techniques, climate services information and farm inputs

Market value chains

We help farmers understand full lifecycle of farming; material sourcing, production, consumption and disposal/recycling processes.

Natural Resource Management

We train on appropriate land use, water management, bio-diversity conservation, & the future sustainability

Gender & Social Equity

We link leaders and local administration with widows and OVCs towards social equality and policy change


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Households Reached

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