Sustainable efforts for combating the effects of Climate Change

One Child-One Tree

Climate plays a fundamental role in shaping natural ecosystems, and the human economies and socio-cultural systems that depend on them. Shifts in climate patterns, environmental degradation, and conflict over shrinking natural resources interact through vicious feedback loops to perpetuate vulnerability and poverty in our planet earth.  Riana Development Network (RDN) is taking up action that contribute to preserving the ecosystem distributed tree seedlings in partnership with 13 Associations of local Churches and schools in East Kabuoch location in Ndhiwa sub-county under the umbrella of Homabay County Diaspora Community (HODICOM). Through the project coordinator Mrs. Ashlyne Roseline Awino, the project held a tree planting event to improve forest cover and climate conditions in Homabay County in a project dubbed One Child-One Tree. “We used one-child one-tree because we want children to be consciousness of the environment as they are the next generation. So that they can know it’s their responsibility to grow trees and protect them”,  said Mrs. Roseline. Together with local authorities, RDN has initiated trainings and campaigns against deforestation. Through these campaigns, tree planting has now become a culture in events such as birthday celebrations, birth, funerals, chief’s Baraza and so much more. “I am also asking traders from our community, when you leave the market take with you one seedling, it’s only Kes. 10/=, go plant it and see for yourself the rewards after only five years. If you want more trees, we have a plan in place to support you”, she added.

The Officer in charge of Lambwe Area, Mr. Benson Chirchir stressed that this initiative is vital for Homabay and her neighbors towards conserving the environment and tapping moisture and eventually rainfall. He also congratulated HODICOM for organizing and facilitating these efforts all over in the villages. Vivian Ademba Nyamambe – Area Chief, assured the stakeholders that together with the community elders, they will organize enough security and sensitization towards conserving forests and trees. “Today, we planted 400 trees in Magina primary school alone. I have encouraged the pupils to care for their trees by watering and checking them regularly. Also we have assured them of our support if they want to plant more trees here in school or at home. Above all, we all need to be patient to see the reward of planting trees. We are happy because today we have received the gift of seedlings to plant around our homes and schools. I have the opportunity to participate in tree planting sessions in 8 different schools in Kabuoch location. The other schools will get 200 seedlings each. We are filled with joy and grateful to HODICOM for this initiative and any more projects they have for my community”, she added.

”Trees are very important to us, they will give our students ownership of important aspect of our environment like forests. They will also be encouraged by these efforts while enjoying the shade each will provide, if we have enough trees our economy will definitely grow, we can use trees as timber for building and school can also earn a living from them. We are inculcating the culture of tree planting in their lives so that when they grow up the responsibility to our environment lives in them”, said Mr. Samuel Okello – Headteacher, Magina Primary School.

The project aims to plant at least 3,000 seedlings per school.  “We have started phase two of our one child-one tree. Today we have a tree planting event in Magina Primary School, next will be Magina SDA, then Magina Catholic Church, then Ogingo Primary School and then all-round fence at Riana Development Centre training grounds. We will plant at least 3,000 trees”, said Mr. Maxwel Odhiambo, the Chair for HODICOM.  “Climate change has become a significant agenda globally, we are aware that even our own president His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta is committed to climate action and currently attending the Climate Conference in Paris. As HODICOM we must play our part in increasing forest cover, planting trees and improving our environment and therefore combating the negative efforts of climate change,00000” he added. The team had facilitated preparation of seedbeds targeting to plant at least 100,000 seedlings in Homabay County. “As part of our project we have established 10 nurseries in Homabay County, each of them with a capacity if 5,000 seedlings. We are targeting to plant over 100,000 seedlings by the end of December 2021”. he said. Working with the youth to improve the environment as a sustainable solution to deforestation and climate change. (Photos: Courtesy-Roseline Awino)


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